Nature and all its creatures have been a fascinating topic to me since my early youth. I roamed the forests and meadows in the vicinity of Vienna with my pocket camera and later with my first SLR camera. During my studies in biology, I chose flower biology as my specialty and “researched” the behavior of very specific birds, reptiles and insects that take the nectar and pollen from native flowering plants in the Canary Islands, Madeira and the Azores and thus make a significant contribution to pollination. The technology was unfortunately not that advanced at the time, so I dragged a huge film camera with a 12kg battery in my backpack through the area …
Today I travel to many countries with still a heavy photo backpack, always with the focus on getting to know the most beautiful national parks, understanding the connections between fauna and flora and, as far as possible, wonderful landscapes, animal encounters or great underwater experiences with the camera hold. From the recordings I design multimedia shows that I present on various occasions such as at the “Photo & Adventure” in Vienna. The shows of course are also a wonderful personal reminder of my “adventure travels”.
On this page I would like to offer you a small excerpt of my travels with the most beautiful pictures of nature – just to enjoy! The page will continue to fill up in the next weeks and months and if you have any questions about the individual nature reserves, just send me a message!

National Park Plitvice – Croatia